Interesting Facts About Serbia

Serbia is a sovereign state that is located in Southeast Europe, it borders countries such as Bulgaria and Romania. The population of the country averages at 7 million. While Serbia is one of the most interesting place on earth, not many people are aware about the various interesting aspects of the country. Apart from serving as one of the highly rated travel sports in the world, Serbia is also an interesting city. Some of the interesting facts about Serbia include:


The ancient Belgrade


Belgrade is perhaps one of the most popular cities in Europe. Various excavations in the city prove that humans lived in the city for an average of 8,000 years. More so, close to the Belgrade center, at the outskirts of the city, you will also come across the notable remains of the notable cultures in the Bronze Age. A good example includes the Starcevo culture, which was common in Belgrade. More so, these cities were also inspiration in European and Middle East Trade, which makes them an interesting place in history


Serbian army


It took an average of 18 days for the Serbian Army to pass through the Thessaloniki front. Various armies were present at the battle, including the Greeks, Italians and the French. While the combined force of these armies was significant, they were never able to defeat the Serbian Army for hundreds of days. Breaching the Thessaloniki front posed a challenge for the Bulgaria and Hungaria. The French heads were even surprised at the potential of the Serbian army, with many believing that the winning the fight required a combined effort. Most historians believe that the Serbian Army freed their army so quickly, that the allied armies were not able to gain access to their supplies.




Even more, another interesting factor about Serbia relates to their language. To be specific, the Serbian Language, was one of the main languages of the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, Serbia also provided various notable Great Veziers and various army staff to the Ottomans. On the contrary, the Serbian dukes in Russia and Austria were ranked as the greatest challenges towards the progression of Ottoman empire. The main benefit of this was that it was quite rare to engage in battles in between two Serbian generals against each other.




The Serbs are well known for producing some of the biggest names in the history of Science. For instance, Nikola Tesla, who was one of the geniuses of his time. Also, Mihajlo Pupin, who was a chemistry and physics professional who played an important role in the development of telecommunications. Additionally, Milutin Milankovic was also one of the big names in science. He was a climatologist, astronomer, mathematician and more. We can credit their research for natural supplements for kidneys today. 




Yes! Believe it or not. The Serbs are also known for their immense levels of hospitality. In fact, according to recent statistics, Serbia is perhaps one of the most hospitable destinations in the world. This custom has set an example for various war-torn countries. Serbia has essentially turned over a new leaf and become of the most hospitable locations in the world.




In conclusion, Serbia is not only a favorite tourist destination spot. It is also one of the most interesting places on earth. The country is home to some of the most diverse and rich cultures. Besides that, their rich history and unique lifestyles also make Serbia an interesting location.